Our services

The following are the finishes we offer...

Nickel and Chrome

Bentley Radiator Shell, Chrome

This is the majority of our work, and aimed primarily at the classic and vintage car and motorcycle enthusiast.


Much of our work is for many of the country's leading car restorers, and our work has often featured on winning Pebble Beach show cars.


We also undertake a variety of other custom jobs, these include boat parts, bathroom fittings, jukeboxes, bespoke furniture and architectural fittings.


Dull Nickel

Bentley Radiator Shell, Polished Copper

This is normally used as an undercoat to the nickel and chrome.  Copper plating gives much improved weather protection, and enables us to disguise any underlying repairs.

In our mind this is the only way to do a quality job.

Engine Pipes & Fittings, Dull Nickel

This is used largely for various engine fittings.  It is a softer more ductile finish to bright nickel, making it particularly suitable to pipes etc.

We also offer a polished dull nickel finish, which is often used for very early cars.


We silver plate headlight reflectors, domestic wear, electrical contacts and various other components.


Batch Zinc Work

We cater for small to medium scale production work to local engineering firms, and one off custom jobs to individuals.


Our work ranges from a single item to a multiple load.  We offer a superb service, prompt turnaround and a competitive price.


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