Our prices

We pride ourselves with trying to offer our customers the best possible service that we can.

Aston Martin Fittings, Copper Plated

We have guide prices for many regular classic car and motorcycle parts, such as bumpers, radiator shells, headlights, and various fittings, but due to the wide variety of parts we get it's impossible to be familiar with everything.  We really need to see the parts.



Unless you're a regular customer we always give a quotation before we start a job.


We have a minimum charge of £60+VAT

Plus we currently have an additional Energy Surcharge of 15%


All prices quoted are subject to seeing the parts



For customers in the UK and European Union, all prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.


Customers who are within Europe and are VAT registered, will not be charged VAT provided they supply their VAT number and accompanying purchase order.


Customers in the Channel Islands are exempt from VAT charges.